Staging snow to push up.

​Ice problem in back of mall.

Here is some pictures of the dump site in the rear of the building.

Dumped dirty snow around back.

Snow blowing at the mall showing weather conditions can get bad in a hurry.

​Hidden unmarked phone box.

This is a picture of what what dirty snow looks like if left. This is someone else's lot 

Snow is hauled weekly sometimes daily to ensure the area in the front of the stores looks clean for a better appearance for customers. this is mostly done before the malls busy times.

More staging snow getting ready to plow the banks high with one of the other buckets shown in the above pictures.

This Picture shows a Dangerous area in parking lot in which cars move our markers across the lot leaving a dangerous spot for customers to park, we pay very close attention to these markers making sure we keep the lot safe. Cars also park overnight making the lot more difficult to plow, we make sure to return and clean under the cars that have moved. 

Dirty snow from scraping pushed to back of the mall.

We have several attachments for our machines as well as back up machines in case of a break down we like to be ready for any situation. 

Pictures of dirty snow, all the dirty snow from the lot gets moved around back of mall. including the snow from scraping the lot.

This shows snow banks pushed up as high as possible.

Warm weather causes water to lay in the road way. Bruce moves snow around to grt the water draining.

Plowed dump site in back of mall to make room for more snow to be dumped and pushed back.

​More dirty snow from scraping lot moved to back of mall.

Using a bucket to push up the snow higher.

Our Trucks Hauling the dirty snow around back of mall.


Bruce always stages the snow before plowing it into the banks to ensure he always uses minimal space by getting the banks higher and pushed off the lot as much as possible.

Pictures of our equipment working at the mall.​

Night plowing making it easy for the cars to get in and out of mall at all hours of the night.

Dumped dirty snow.

We leave multiple attachments behind the mall for pushing up snow banks, scrape the lot, and bucket plows in various sizes depending on where we use them.  

     Snowplowing Photos for Cascade Crossings