• Winter-Snow Work​​                                     

Snow Plowing
Snow Hauling/Removal

Lot Scraping

  • Hydro-Excavate/Sewer

Sewer Jetting
Sewer Cleaning
Catchbasin Jetting
Catchbasin Cleaning
Hydro Excavation
Spill Cleaning
Standing Water/Mud Cleanup

  • ​​Equipment Services

Loader Work
Loader w/Forks Work
Loader w/Boom Work
Excavator Work
Excavator w/Grapple Work
Excavator w/ Frost Ball
Dozer Work
Backhoe Work
Backhoe w/Breaker Work
Uniloader Work

  • Septic Installations

 ​Septic Tanks
Septic Fields
Specialty System

  • Clearing

​Tree Cutting
Tree Removal
Stump Removal
Lot Clearing
Acreage Clearing

  • Residential Work

All Excavating Aspects
Complete Home Sites
Garage Sites
Parking Lot & Driveways
Basement Excavating
Footing Excavation

  • Clean-up

​House Cleanouts
Garage Cleanouts
Yard Cleanup
Trash Cleanup

  • Buildings and Properties

​Office Rental Space
Storage Building Rental Space
Yard Rental Space

  • Vactor Services

Sewer Jetting
Sewer Cleaning
Catchbasin Jetting
Catchbasin Cleaning
Hydro Excavation
Spill Cleaning
Standing Water/Mud Cleanup

  • Trucking and Hauling​ to our jobs

Tandem Dump
Tri-Axle Dump
Quad-Axle Dump
Semi Tri-Lead Dump
Semi Quad-Lead Dump
Quad-Axle Dump & Pup
Semi Tri-Lead Dump & Pup
Per Cy
Per Ton


  • Culvert Installations​

Plastic – Galvanized
Concrete Boxed
Large Elliptical

  • ​Underground Work

Water Lines
Water Mains
Fire Hydrants
Sewer Lines
Sewer Mains
Storm Lines
Catch Basins
Man Holes
Drain Tile

  • Erosion Control

​​Acquire Permits
Silt Fence
Silt Sacks
Hay Bales

  • Commercial Work

​​City Work
County Work
M.D.O.T. Work
General Contractor Work
Sub Contractor Work
Construction Manager Work
State Work
Government Work

  •  Landscape Yard

Decorative Rocks
Other Specialty Materials

  • Sweeper Services

Parking Lot Cleanup
Road Cleanup



burton excavating Services

Burton sub-contractor Services ​​

#1 contractor in Sault Ste. Marie

burton excavating Services

  • ​Concrete Work

Light-Pole Bases
Poured Basements – Foundations
Block Basements – Foundations
Fuel Pads

  • ​Sewer Line Work

​Sewer Roding
Sewer Jetting
Sewer Camera Inspection

  • ​Miscellaneous Work

​​Pressure Washing
Roof Shoveling

  • Note

     If you don’t see a service you need, please call, it might not have been listed. As we have been in business for over 38 years, we perform a lot of different types of work ourselves, if we do not perform the type of work you are looking for we probably know of a respectable company that could perform it. Burton Excavating works as a subcontractor for commercial and residential building contractors as we are mainly excavation and site work contractors. We will give the names of general contractors that we have worked for by request. We are impartial to all as we want a fair chance to work with any general contractor.

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