Raglan B-Train Trailers 


Front Trailer 35’-6” Length / 6’side height / 8’ width / 24’ Box length

 Rear Trailer 26’-0” Length / 6’ side height / 8’ width  (rear trailer can be used as a lead trailer)

 Front to rear of both trailers hooked together – 56’-9”

 Front Bumper of Semi to Rear of trailers – 73’-0”

About the Trailers:

The trailers are a factory matching set manufactured by Raglan, both trailers have air ride, flip the switch which lets the trailer come down to the rail/frame giving the trailer a very stable dump.
The frames are solid with only minor surface rust. Both trailers have an auto grease feature.
Brakes are at about 80% life, the shoes and drums have been inspected by our shop.
The rear gates have a two hinge feature which allows you to open them down/up or side/side.
Raglan trailers are built with heavy duty aluminum supports that run side to side to keep the walls from flexing in or out, the supports are high enough to not interfere with loading.
Aluminum arch design on front of box helps keep load away from dog house as well as loads sticking, this also helps to mount a tarp system to the front, this helps protect your tarps

Lead Trailer

Hydraulic slide box
Fifth wheel mounted to rear of frame
3 rear axles and fixed air ride suspension
The front lift axle air up and down, and a pin sliding axle at 9’ spread for Michigan use or can slide back for Canadian use
Trailer has nice aluminum fenders over all three axles and tires


Dump cylinders are in great shape needing no repairs at this time
Box pins seem to be tight and need no repairs at this time, the lube systems take care of the pins and bushings
All trailers have decent tires size-11R 22.5
Wheels are bud style in good shape
Both trailers are equipped with 2 speed mark V landing gear in great shape and working condition

Included with trailers

2 each Aero model 400 System Tarps Brand new hand crank with friction brake
Full tarp housing with new mesh style heavy duty tarps
Under mount heavy duty spring assembly
The tarps are very good quality systems
Approx $4000.00 paid for these tarps

 We purchased these trailers with plans to use them, we have brand new tarp systems that have never been installed. We had planned to use them to haul demo debris from a few commercial tear downs. The nice thing about the trailers is the ability to use either one as a lead trailer, allowing you to haul land dump one while loading the other. The trailers can haul good volume yet the longest box is only 26’ long making it easy to maneuver and dump, these trailers also limit the possibility of tipping over unlike the larger heavier ones.

We ended up buying a push-out trailer to haul debris and now don’t have any use for these trailers , our goal is the sell these trailers as well as a larger single Fruehauf 28’ trailer because we haul all sorts of materials like cement pieces and demo debris making it most practical to buy 1 “Rox Box” 4 axle dump trailer and use it for all materials.

The things I feel these trailers will need are as follows:

Because the trailers have sat for an extended period of time the brakes have some issues with the cams sticking
Some of the air switches have broke off and can get stuck, I believe one can be fixed/oiled and the other should be replaced
The control valve handles seem to be pretty loose and may need to be checked over
Overall the trailers of functional and can be used in many different ways
Use as two separate trailers or use one or the other as a pup