Crushed 22A Gravel

​​ Also known as maintenance gravel. Initially a pit run, it is put into a  crusher to get a graded material. 22A is an MDOT specification,  and is about 3/4 inch in size and smaller. It can be used to build  driveways and it can be good for parking lot or road base before  laying down asphalt.

 We have the equipment to complete your project on  time and to your satisfaction.  We have complete repair  facilities to keep our equipment running and looking  good.  But if there is a piece of equipment that we need  and we don't own it, we turn to our extensive network of  rental and purchase resources to get what we need so  we can get your job done on time and to your  satisfaction.

 Although we perform 99% of our projects with our own  manpower, we have relationships with a wide array of  contractors who can work with us on areas of work that  we do not self-perform (i.e.: asphalt paving, concrete  curbs and gutters, directional boring, bore & jack,  striping and signage, etc.)Type your paragraph here.


​​ Topsoil is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs  and our topsoil is great for growing grass in your yard. It is  important to check whether or not the soil is satisfactory, and we  deliver some of the best topsoil in the area for your lawn. We obtain  our topsoil from other jobs in the area, where we screen it and cut it  with sand to make it easier to spread, to prevent it from clumping  up. We have topsoil conveniently  in our Easterday yard, and more  at both our Radar Rd. and 15 Mile Rd. locations.   

​ Clean Sand

​ Sand is a low cost fill material used for holes or ditches. It also  serves as a base material under concrete and driveways or as  backfill for foundations. We have sand conveniently  in our  Easterday yard, and more at both our Radar Rd. and 15 Mile  Rd. locations.

 ​Limestone (limited supply)

​ Limestone is a primary base under crushed aggregate. It  can also be used as a decorative stone under decking and  can be used as a stone splash strip to prevent water  damage to your yard.

Landscaping Rocks

 Screened Stone

​​ Screened Stone (rounded), comes in a variety of different sizes  including 3/4" to 1&1/2", 1/2" to 4", and 4" to 8". It is used for  decorating yards, gardens, and fireplaces. It can also be used to  replace mulch, plant a rock garden, or even build a pond border.

From sand to boulders, we have the materials you need for your unique projects; both big and small!

 Washed Stone​

​ ​Washed Stoned (angular), also comes in a variety of sizes  including 3/4" to 1" and 1" to 1/2". It can be used for all the same  purposes as screened stone, but the difference between the two, is  the washed stone has all the fines washed out of it.

 NEW!  Landscaping Rocks

​​ Click on the image of the boulder to view the assortment of  rocks we have that may help enhance the beauty of your  yard!

Burton excavating materials

 Asphault Gravel

​​ Asphalt Gravel can also be used for driveways like the Crushed  22A gravel. This though, is made from recycled asphalt, so it still  has some tar in it. It is a good alternative to making new asphalt.