This information is about Bruce and Colleen Burton’s 1932 Hupmobile F222 project. 

Hupmobiles were built from 1908 to 1941.  There were not too many 1932 cars built, because of the depression.  During their time, they were an expensive car.  These cars originally sold for around $1,295.00, which was a lot more than a 1932 Ford which sold for around $600.00.  The Hupp Motor Car Corporation in Detroit built the Hupmobile.  It had a 122” wheelbase, weighed 3,400 lbs, had a straight 8 cylinder 93 hp engine, 4 suicide doors, and dual spare tires on the front fenders.  It has large 11” headlights, a luggage carrier and trunk mounted on the rear of the car.  The original design of the car makes it appears to look like it was chopped.

We purchased this car around November 2000 from a man in Loris, South Carolina approximately 1,200 miles away from Sault Ste Marie Michigan.  I was told that this car was stored in a basement of St. Mary’s Catholic Church located in Boston Massachusetts for many years.

We installed a Jaguar XJ6 front end with a 1988-1992 Lincoln Continental rack and pinion, and a 1988 Jaguar XJS rear end (from a 12 cylinder car, which uses a posy Dana 44).  The nice thing about Jaguar suspension is that they are independent, they have disk brakes, are very durable, and easy to get parts for. 

We are in the process of building a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado 500 cubic inch engine.  They came stock with 400 hp and 550 ft pounds of torque at 3,000 rpm.  With an aluminum intake, they are only 40 lbs heavier than a 350 Chevy. Will be rebuilt by Frank Ball these are extremely durable engines should sound very with duel Flow Master’s Super 44 2.25’’ 0/0 942448.  We installed a turbo 400 automatic complete rebuilt for performance by Carl Jensen.  We used the original frame, as it is an X member strong frame.  We cut and fitted a 3/16” steel plate and bolted into the original frame to weld our engine mounts to.

I took the original wood out of the body of the car, and I had a very good cabinetmaker and wood worker make new wood for the car.  I stained and sealed the new wood, cleaned primed and painted the areas and installed the new wood.  I had N/C Industries Antique Auto Parts (Kevin at 570-888-6216) make a new windshield frame.  I dissembled the complete car, cleaned, primed, and painted the body and parts.  I have been buying parts and components for the car.  I have been finding and purchasing a lot of parts on ebay.  I find that if I keep looking, I eventually find what I need.  I purchased (6) McLean wire wheels with large center caps.  (4) are 7” wide and (2) are 6” wide S/N 3168 (perfect for the spares that mount on each side).  On the four 7” wide I put used Delta radials P235/75R15 with 1.3” wide white walls on to start with.  I bought 2 ea Prime Well PS850 205/75R15  for the spares.  I found an 8” Trippe light that matches one my dad gave me in very nice condition.  I plan to use the Trippe lights for running and blinker lights, which are functional and give the car a classic look.  I am using a tilt steering column from a 1970’s Chevrolet van, with a 5-1/2” column drop.  These are commonly used for street rods.  I bought a classic antique gold speedometer, tack meter, and cluster gage (with oil, temp, fuel) from Classic Instruments, Inc. (541-548-1940) and later I had them build a clock to match.  I have had Auto Glass Specialist cut all new light shaded smoked glass for the car.  I had the old original radiator core removed and put in a new 4 core.  They changed the inlet to work with the 500 Cadillac engine, and did a very nice job.

I am looking to find a place to have my interior metal trim wood grained finish .  The radiator shell was re-chromed in the past.  Unfortunately, the chrome in the inside upper corners of the shell bubbled and rusted the corners of the shell out. I sent my chrome to Concours Metal Finishing Inc. 9845 N. 21 Ave. Ste. 5 Phoenix AZ 85021 phone 602-997-7735 to repair and have re-chromed.  I sent one of my running boards to Howell’s Sheet Metal in Texas (409-253-2478 or 409-727-1999) to have them make new ones.  The owner called me and said that he knew a company in California that he felt has the equipment to bend the metal for the running boards.  So l had him send the running board to them.  They are Gilmore Metal Works (Darrel Erickson 760-873-4972) at 16 Virginia Ave. in Chalfant Valley California (93514).

 I purchase a PainLess 21 circuit wiring harness to install in the car.  They work excellent.  I have not made up my mind if I am going to use original seats or use a set of newer ones.  I do believe that whichever I decide to use, I will have re-upholstered in a cloth tweed material. I was in the process of putting the car together, so I can fit and mount the components. Then I will dissemble to paint and go through the assembly process again. Luckily I met Dave Green and we have come up with the idea of Hotrod Heaven maybe now after over 10 years I will get the car done.

I have included some pictures.  The black 1932 Hupmobile belongs to my friend Joe Fodrocy.  It has a 454 Chev 700-R4 auto with Jaguar front and rear suspension.  This is the car that mine is modeled after.  With locations and how to mount the suspension (among other items), Joe has been very helpful with supplying me with information and parts.  The light green Hupmobile was one that was listed for sale.  I put these pictures to show the original look of the car.  The red 1951 Chevrolet pickup is one I restored and sold so I could have the money to build a garage.  This way I have a good place to store this car when it is finished.  The pictures of the dissembled 1952 Chevrolet deluxe pickup is one that I had dissembled back in 1980. My son Kyle wants this truck .My son Jordan was told he could have my  original 1978 black Camero Z28 with T-tops, 4 speed, 410 gears, air conditioner, and 40.000 miles once he finishes medical school.  I will be adding pictures and information as we progress on the Hupmobile.  

Hopefully some of this information will to others building their cars.

I would appreciate any suggestions or help.  You can contact Bruce Burton at work (906) 632-2641 or at home (906) 632-6541 or email

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