For Sale: Austin Western Jaw Crusher Model #61-E and Caterpillar Gen-Set Model D343

Austin western Jaw size 1024 S/N1024592 Type J Screen R-567

The jaws and cheek plates are like new. We cut the centers out of the old bias-ply tires with the lock rings and welded into modern wheels. Tire are radial modern common size. We had the Hopper Box with Grisly Bars converted to side load operation from either side. This crusher is for sale without the electric motors installed.This crusher was setup with a Diesel motor that ran belts to run the jaw and generator.The generator ran the three other motors. We have purchesed new items to make this crusher more modern 40 HP Crusher Duty Electric Motor, 3HP Electric Feeder Motor, 3 HP Electric Screen stacker motor, 3HP Electric Discharge Motor. Control Enclosure soft start and switch gear, speed control for each of the 3 HP electric motors.

    â€‹Caterpillar Gen-set Model D343 S/N62B15790. What is needed to make the Gen-Set pair with the crusher, this Gen is 240V and 250KW Prime. And the crusher 460V to make this work it will need a Transformer they rus used from 1,000 to 3,000. I seen them on Google search and Ebay. New they run for 4,500. I purchased all new electric motors, switch gear, speed controls from Row Electric Equipment Co. They can get used Transformers very helpful and fair priced. 

Row Electric Equipment Co. (800)248-4479

   Transformer 3 phase 75KVA Volt 480-240 it has wires in line from the Gen-set. Power going in 240V into transformer and the power coming out at 480V to the crusher. Service Manual Included.