revised 3/2017 

We are currently not looking to sell this truck as we are looking to replace the engine and are actively looking for a used engine if you have or know where we can get a used good running engine please call us to discuss it. 
1999 Mack CL 700 = Mack CL 713   Vin 1M2AD62Y5XW007754

Michigan Special 460 Jake Brake, 18 Speed T2180B, Mack Rears 435

Call For PriceThe engine on this truck started to to have white diesel smoke from the stack, and was running rough. We pulled out the engine to be rebuilt. We sent the heads to a eagle head service they went through the heads so their to new specks. The block and crank both look good. It had a crack in one of the liners, and we discovered 3 ea of the indivertible fuel pumps were broken which had made us concerned, but found out this is some what common.  We were planning to send the motor out, but never did. While the truck was in our shop we put all new brakes shoes, kits, drums, slack adjusters, and other related items on the truck. We cleaned and painted the frame. This truck was involved in a small accident to the grill radiator and hood. We fixed the hood while it was off the truck, it could use the inner brace cut and the passenger s make the hood even. We used this truck for a couple years like this but it would look nicer fixed. We put in a new grill, radiator, inter cooler, made a new bumper, and new head lights. The air conditioning cooler was bent a little, but it was still full of its coolant so we used it. We ran this truck for two summers, then it developed the motor problem. This truck has a clear title. It is also rust free. This truck has only 262,962 original miles on it. we will put some used front tires on the truck and air up the four back tires so the truck is mobile.

1999 Mack-CL-713 Michigan Special