Hi Don

My intentions are to put a 500 Cadillac engine and transmission in my1932 Hupmobile with a Jaguar rear end believe its 273-gear ratio.

I purchased the fowling parts for a 1974 Cadillac 500 Engine that came out of a demolition derby car years ago, took to the local engine machine shop, had all the machine work done, went to put together and discovered the block cracked so we scraped this block. I had 1970 Cadillac Eldorado500 Engine 450 Hp 550 Ft Lb Torque 10-1 Compression Stock

Engine Casting # 1495200 = 1970-1976

Head Casting # 1486250 = 1968-1970

This car was run in a demolition derby, took apart the bottom of one piston, broke light scoring on cylinder walls and someone broke the ear off the engine block, I decided not to use this motor. 

I have a good motor I would like to use out of a 1974 Cadillac 500 Engine this was in a 4 door was excellent running and driving car and was in good condition when pulled the motor  

Engine Casting # 1486200

I would like to have it taken apart and if pistons and cylinders look good. Then check by measuring if the cylinder walls are good which I believe they will be good because the blocks are so durable because of the alloys in the Cadillac blocks they used. If  they are all good than hone them and new rings, and use the other parts I have to rebuild to put in the car knowing I have a fresh engine stock with a cam to give it a nice sound was my attention. 

I know you have a shop that can do the necessary machine shop work if needed. They would need to bore out the cylinders to fit the pistons I have purchased if their good.


Engine parts I purchased 

8 Ea Pistons 609P40    30057R Power Sealed / Federal Mogul 

1 Ea Complete Set Piston Rings E-290X 40,  965, 040 Power Sealed / Federal Mogul

I Ea Complete Set Connecting Rod High Performance PEP 67501 

1 Ea Complete Set Cam 1216M, Rod3345P, Crank 4906M, Bearings Power Sealed / Federal Mogul

1 Ea Assembly Lubricant Federal Mogul, Power Sealed Plastic Gage

1 Ea Oil Pump Kit Melling K-58F

1 Ea Timing Change and Gear Set Melling 3-498S

1 Ea Frost Plug Set Pioneer Inc PE12R

1 Ea Cam S-P CS-656 

1 Ea Set Lifters Power Sealed HT-969

1 Ea Set Push Rods Sealed/Power RP-3178

! EA Engine Gasket Set Victor Reinz 95-3087VR   KS2641

1 Ea Recondition 1802493 Cylinder Head ED1-8212 Ph Number 623-581-6400 

1 Ea Head Stud Kit APR 135-4007

1 Ea Intake Manifold Set MS 96028

1 Ea Water Pump Carter FP1554

1 Ea Fuel Pump Carter M6622

1 Ea Stainless Engine Bolt Kit   Alloy Boltz.Com

1 Ea Aluminum Intake Manifold Edelbrock 2115

1 Ea Flex Plate SFI      RRW 1850000

Edeldbrock performer aluminum intake 

Stainless steel hex bolt kit

SFI flex plate  
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